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Sydney Indie Film Festival 2015 Programme Unveiled!


Sydney Indie Film Festival 2015 Programme Unveiled!

All films and sessions revealed!

Check out complete programme now online!

The Sydney Indie Film Festival will feature some of the best of independent cinema from around the world, including a mix of award winning films and outstanding emerging talent in the film industry.

The Festival program will screen all genres of films: action, adventure, comedy, family movies, chick flicks, science fiction, thrillers, true stories, animations, documentaries, there is something for everybody!

Attend the festival for exclusive red carpet events, meet the filmmakers and participate in the Q&A sessions.

Just visit to Watch trailers, read synopsis and choose your favorite movies!

sydney indie film festival programme front cover


sydney indie film festival programme inside 2015


Tickets are now available exclusive through Eventbrite.

Eventbrite is easy and quick to use.

Tickets: AU$10.00 + Booking Fee

Book now before all sessions get sold out!

Eventbrite - Sydney Indie Film Festival – Future Dreaming + Spilling Salt + AWARDS


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Sydney Indie Film Festival – Feature Film’s Official Selection 2015 Announced



Sydney Indie Film Festival – Feature Film’s Official Selection 2015 Announced:



Eventbrite - Sydney Indie Film Festival – Future Dreaming + Spilling Salt + AWARDS

The Sydney Indie Film Festival is proud to announce the Feature Film’s Official Selection for the 2015 festival edition! (in alphabetical order)

Australiens (Australia)

Black Wedding (Germany)

Containment (UK)

Day Release (Spain)

Dogs’ Breakfast (Australia)

Driving While Black (USA)

Fingerface (South Africa/UK/Poland)

Future Dreaming (Australia/Antarctica)

I am Evangeline (Australia)

Imperfect Sky (USA)

The Incredible Adventures of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila) (USA)

Intersection (USA)

The Last Executioner (Thailand)

The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man (USA)

Love Socks (Australia)

No Letting Go (USA)

Primrose Lane (USA)

Seahorses (USA)

Spilling Salt (Mexico/Bolivia)

Tierra Caliente (Mexico/UK)

Where Do We Go From Here? (United Kingdom)

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Watch Trailers:


Where Do We Go From Here? (United Kingdom)




Primrose Lane (USA)



I am Evangeline (Australia)



Black Wedding (Germany)



The Last Executioner (Thailand)



Seahorses (USA)



Imperfect Sky (USA)



Tierra Caliente (Mexico)



More trailers on their way! Make sure you come back for more!(USA)





The Sydney Indie Film Festival will take place from the 17th till the 25th of October 2015.

The Short Films Official Selection and complete festival program will be announced by the 1st of October 2015.

Tickets will be on sale from 2nd of October 2015.



Eventbrite - Sydney Indie Film Festival – Future Dreaming + Spilling Salt + AWARDS











2015 marks the year of big events within Sydney and the launch of the Sydney Indie Film Festival is no exception. The festival has been set-up to showcase both local and international new and creative works by emerging artists, and for those who have an admiration for cinema and the film making craft.

The first Sydney Indie Film Festival (SIFF) will take place from the 17th till the 25th of October 2015, at “The Bayview Cinema” at the Bayview Hotel, located in the beautiful suburb of Gladesville, just 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD. Boasting beautiful parks, waterfront views and an array of restaurants and cafés, Gladesville’s energetic atmosphere and community spirit is one you will quickly fall in love with.

The community spirit within Gladesville is united and supportive in helping artists prosper with their dreams and endeavours, and along with SIFF we aim to bring entertainment, inspiration and culture to the community by showing stories from around the world and utilizing the impact great cinema can have upon an audience or issue.

Eventbrite - Sydney Indie Film Festival – Future Dreaming + Spilling Salt + AWARDS


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FORBIDDEN GROUND Advance Screening with Filmmakers Q&A

FORBIDDEN GROUND Advance Screening with Filmmakers Q&A

This is a special chance to see the highly anticipated WWI thriller Forbidden Ground before it’s official release, and gain a rare insight into how the independent spirit of film making in this country overcame the odds and brought this beast to the big screen!!!


IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no tickets being sold at the door — it’s booking only! Be amongst the first people in the country to see the film and enjoy an intimate Q&A with the film-makers as they share their incredible journey!!

When: 8:00pm, 12/08/2013

Where: Chauvel Cinema, NSW

Oxford Street corner of Oatley Road, Paddington, 2021


Watch Trailer:



Q&A Events – Meet the Filmmakers

If you love movies you gotta love Q&A screening events where you get to watch the film, most times first, and then ask all your questions to the filmmakers live!

I’m creating this session to post about Q&A screening events, to support the creators of Q&A events and the filmmakers who put themselves in front of the audience never knowing what the hell they are going to ask them, and to bring you information of where you can attend Q&A events.


1 – Be the first to watch to the movie!!! (yes – most Q&A screening events are advanced screenings of the movie, so that’s pretty cool)

2 – Meet the filmmakers!!! (yes – MEET THE FILMMAKERS – meeting the filmmaker, depending on the event and of the filmmaker you might even have a chance to have a chat with the filmmaker if you were shy to ask your question out loud in front of the whole audience – meeting your favorite filmmaker and having the chance to hear then talking about the production process live, is like a session of INSPIRATION ON ESTEROIDS – is something that stays with you for a long time, specially if you are in the film industry as well, you get to learn a lot from them, is like a mini workshop – among many amazing filmmaker which I’ve met on Q&A events, some of my favorites were Quentin Tarantino at the “Inglourious Barterds” event at the State Theatre, Danny Boyle at the “Sunshine” event at the Bondi Junction Greater Union , and most recently, Baz Luhrmann at the “Strictly Ballroom the Musical” media launch event at Town Hall.

3  - Ask whatever you want to the filmmaker!!! (again, specially as a filmmaker, it is amazing to find out how they made all that happen, and sometimes we only get to see all the final results and all the glory, and we might think that we never stand a chance, but at Q&A events many filmmakers get to open their heart, and we find out the obstacles that they had as well, just like us, and how they overcome the obstacles and achieved great success, and made not only their dream come true, but the dream of many others in their team)





LOVE EXPOSURE – Careful, Oblivious, Bold!

“The Lord is mischievous and torments his chosen ones”

“Careful, Oblivious, Bold.”

“Not everybody can see original sins, ordinary people don’t even know what they are, but you were chosen by the lord to detect original sins.”

Love Exposure

Ai no mukidashi


“Love Exposure” covers everything, action, love, religion, lost, very hard family issues, lots of fight, and most of all, lots of passion, all the characters are so out of control passionate, that the passion is contagious. The film goes for 4 hours, but is definitely 4 hours well spent, you want it to keep going even after it’s finished.

The credits say that is based on real events, which is pretty f*** if they are, because many of issues in the film are very hard, I hope that just the love stories are based in real events, so the real people who lived the real events didn’t have to go through some of the very bad things in it in real life.

I love this film so much, that I’m also going to share the trailer here.

“Love Exposure” Trailer:



Also found this amazing Q&A videos, special thanks to the New York Asian Film Festival for interviewing Sion Sono, and for making the interview available on Youtube.

Part 1:


Part 2:

(shame the first woman had the outrageous question of why he didnt make the film shorter because she was tired of sitting for 4 hours, which made him waste precious 4 minutes answering her question, which he did gracefully and witty)