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LOVE EXPOSURE – Careful, Oblivious, Bold!

“The Lord is mischievous and torments his chosen ones”

“Careful, Oblivious, Bold.”

“Not everybody can see original sins, ordinary people don’t even know what they are, but you were chosen by the lord to detect original sins.”

Love Exposure

Ai no mukidashi


“Love Exposure” covers everything, action, love, religion, lost, very hard family issues, lots of fight, and most of all, lots of passion, all the characters are so out of control passionate, that the passion is contagious. The film goes for 4 hours, but is definitely 4 hours well spent, you want it to keep going even after it’s finished.

The credits say that is based on real events, which is pretty f*** if they are, because many of issues in the film are very hard, I hope that just the love stories are based in real events, so the real people who lived the real events didn’t have to go through some of the very bad things in it in real life.

I love this film so much, that I’m also going to share the trailer here.

“Love Exposure” Trailer:



Also found this amazing Q&A videos, special thanks to the New York Asian Film Festival for interviewing Sion Sono, and for making the interview available on Youtube.

Part 1:


Part 2:

(shame the first woman had the outrageous question of why he didnt make the film shorter because she was tired of sitting for 4 hours, which made him waste precious 4 minutes answering her question, which he did gracefully and witty)